My name is Paul. I'm fourteen years old.

I am going to tell you what I have done in New Zealand.

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During the first day :

I visited the tour of the New zealand in the boat !

The New zealand is a very beautiful landcape !

Between the mountains, the forests and the beautiful color of the water, new zealand offers us a beautiful moment...


The second day :

I visited the capital which is called Wellington including 4 463 800 people who all speak English or Maori.

Les attractions de Wellington | Wellington, New Zealand

I ate there and visited the city and notably the backstage of the movie that made Wellington known: the Hobbit!

In the evening I stayed in a hotel and admired the beautiful view of the city.


The third day:

I went up to the north of the island to see a quiet and peaceful place, the Coromandel Peninsula the perfect place to relax around a fishing trip, or other aquatic activity.

Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand - Oceania Photo (43630862) - Fanpop

In the evening I slept in a git next to the lake (I slept badly it was too wet)



The fourth day:

After waking up, I didn't waste any time and I quickly reached the Auckland space. Honestly, it's like Tahiti with its volcanoes and its beautiful beaches!

Tourisme à Auckland 2022 : Visiter Auckland, Nouvelle-Zélande - Tripadvisor

But I didn't waste my time there to be able to do Northland which is the extreme island of Maori legend.

I don't have much to say about it except that it's something not to be missed!

I have a good night's sleep to make my way back to the south island! 


the fifth day :

I went to the south island, I counted five good hours,but I was there!

And during my travels i learned that the kiwi is also an animal that originated in new zealand, and no it's not a joke!

After this long day I felt tired and went to take a hotel to enjoy my last day of leisure in New Zealand


The sixth day:

Did you know that the South Island is famous for its nature and its national parks?
That's why in this sixth day I had the chance to do three big national parks.
Before going to Queenstown airport not far from the parks.
And that's how my stay ended!

Queenstown Airport in Queenstown, Australia - Airlines-Airports
Thank you for reading and enjoy your trip!

Coutant Paul 3èmeB